Press Release

November 9, 2022

Ottawa Impact is thankful for the trust of the community in electing Ottawa Impact PAC and Education PAC candidates to represent and serve the people of Ottawa County!

Ottawa Impact candidates signed the Contract with Ottawa, committing to defend American values, individual freedoms, and parental rights. We welcome the people to hold newly elected candidates accountable to the Contract.

Ottawa Impact is excited for the future. Since May of 2021, Ottawa Impact has informed the people of the growing misalignment of government and political entities with freedom and all we hold dear. The people of Ottawa County responded by actively advocating with elected officials and school boards to defend our county, and have now spoken with their vote.

Ottawa Impact candidates had sweeping victories in County Commissioner seats in the 2022 election cycle, winning 8 of 11 seats on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners. On Tuesday, Gretchen Cosby and Lucy Ebel defeated Democrat opponents in the general election to secure their seats. The following candidates will be seated in January:

  • Gretchen Cosby, District 1
  • Lucy Ebel, District 2
  • Jacob Bonnema, District 4
  • Joe Moss, District 5
  • Rebekah Curran, District 7
  • Sylvia Rhodea, District 8
  • Roger Belknap, District 9
  • Allison Miedema, District 11

Additionally, Ottawa Impact school board candidates were elected in the following school districts:

  • Liz Ramey, Allendale
  • Corey Mango, Allendale
  • Donna Mooney, Jenison
  • Jennifer Thomas Griffin, Jenison
  • Bob Wondergem, Grandville
  • Joe Steffes, Grandville

We are incredibly proud of the efforts by Ottawa Impact school board candidates Tommy Van Hill, Roger Williams, and Thomas Hoekstra of Grand Haven, as well as Laurie Van’t Hof and Katie Staroba of Holland, to educate their communities on the state of their public schools and the potential to restore their districts to education excellence. We are hopeful the communities of Grand Haven and Holland will awaken to the need to return to excellence in core subjects rather than the progressive indoctrination of students.

Additional school board candidates promoted by Ottawa Impact as backed by parent groups were elected in Hudsonville, Kenowa Hills, and West Ottawa school districts.

We look forward to restoring Ottawa County to Constitutional governance, protecting American values, individual freedoms, and parental rights.

We encourage the citizens of Ottawa County to remain engaged on the local level to defend these priorities into the future.

Ottawa Impact will continue its work in thought leadership and truthful journalism, educating and training our people in advocacy for the preservation of all we hold dear.

Ottawa County is filled with beautiful people. They are not deplorable, they are not extreme. Our people are hardworking Americans who love God, their families, and their children. We are honored to serve and lead this amazing county.