Press Release

November 4, 2022

Ottawa County, Michigan — Truthful media is critical to the preservation of America, holding government and its bureaucracies accountable to the people.

The founders of Ottawa Impact are in the early stages of creating a media platform to promote truthful journalism and commentary on cultural and political issues—giving voice to the common sense, hardworking Americans no longer represented by the fake news media in West Michigan and beyond.

The propaganda arm of the Democratic Party is no longer believable, and the bullying of everyday Americans will not continue unchecked. In a county where sleepy Joe Biden might have received 38% of the vote, there is no excuse for the fake news to continuously disparage the majority wise enough not to vote for him.

As the Democratic Party continues to move radically left, we welcome all to join our efforts in preserving our nation. We believe there is more that unites us than divides us.

We love America and the beauty of her people. They are not deplorable, not extreme, but simply Americans who love God, their country, and their children.

It’s time for truth and the voice of all Americans—including the overwhelming Pro Faith, Pro Family majority, to be heard.

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