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Recent News

Recent News

1104, 2024

Press Release: Ottawa Impact launches 2024 Contract with Ottawa

April 11th, 2024|Categories: Blog, Press|

We are thankful to the People of Ottawa County, who took decisive action to defend their piece of America in 2022—to protect individual freedoms, parental rights, and freedom of religion and conscience, by electing a courageous new majority to the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners.


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February 2021
Ottawa Declaration

The Constitution must rule in all cases and apply in ALL times.

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May 2021
Ottawa Resolution to Restore Freedom

An initiative of the people, by the people, for the people.

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June 2021
Ottawa Precall

Elect leaders who align with the Contract with Ottawa.

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August 2021
Ottawa Impact Education PAC

Unified Political Action to replace leaders who refuse to defend freedom.

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August 2021
Ottawa Precall

Citizen-Led Accountability

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September 2021
Legal Fund

Legal Fund

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A Bright Future
For Liberty

Soli Deo Gloria

What We See: Thoughts from the Founders of Ottawa Impact

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Announcing 9 Republican Candidates for Ottawa County Commissioner


Education PAC

Announcing 11 Conservative Candidates for School Boards in Ottawa County

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