The Playing Field: Election 2024

In 2022, parents stepped forward to run for the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, inspired by a love for freedom and family.

These new leaders took action after seeing Democrat policies and widespread government overreach in Ottawa County during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another concern was the county’s partnership with divisive DEI organizations which were aligned with the Democrat Party, the Biden and Whitmer administrations, and declining, progressive cities like Portland. Divisive DEI ideology should not be given a foothold here in one of Michigan’s most conservative counties.

During the 2022 election, the people of Ottawa County elected a new majority of courageous, everyday Americans, replacing 8 of 11 Republican county commissioners. Together, they have protected Ottawa County since January of 2023. And their job has just begun.


When the new commissioners started their term, they immediately took action to protect the people of Ottawa County. The Board closed the divisive DEI Department and changed the county vision statement to Where Freedom Rings. The Board also hired a new county administrator and county attorney, as those who previously held those positions had made it clear they would not work cooperatively with the new conservative Board.

Since 2023, the new Ottawa County Board of Commissioners has worked hard to protect the heritage of Ottawa County by prioritizing freedom, family, and American values. The February 4, 2024, State of the County address outlined the positive work of the Board in 2023, and can be viewed at


The courageous actions of the new Board quickly attracted the attention of Democrat activists and media at the local, state, and national levels, resulting in Democrat activist lawfare and over 300 false hit pieces written against the conservative Board. Board members were maligned and called far-right, extremists, fundamentalists, and Christian Nationalists—the latest labels for Hillary’s “deplorables.” These were attempts to intimidate the Board to inaction and erase the people’s confidence in the everyday Americans they had elected.

When Republicans act with courage and keep their promises, it’s natural for the Left to be alarmed.

Ottawa County is the tip of the spear.

Ottawa is critical to Michigan, and Michigan is pivotal to our nation. The radicalized Democrat Party knows this, and infiltrated beautiful Ottawa County under prior Boards.


In 2022, the Democrats lost their foothold in Ottawa County. They are now actively working to install Democrats and weak Republicans they can control, and creating chaos in order to do so.

In addition to the Democrats, the weak Republicans who previously controlled the Republican Party in Ottawa County were also upset by the everyday Americans who were elected to protect freedom and family. Many of these power brokers are now actively working with the Democrats —both privately and publicly under the brand of Conservative Ottawa—to unseat the courageous Republican commissioners elected in 2022.

Not only are weak Republicans running against the new Board in the Republican primary, but Democrats, who are literally running as Republicans, are running against them as well.

Democrat voters are publicly being encouraged to cross over and vote in the Republican primary in an effort to manipulate the Republican primary outcome.

Numerous groups and alliances have sprung up with the intention of confusing and overriding the will of Republican voters in 2024. These groups and their candidates are committed to the “common good” (a socialist value), “good governance” (a get-along, do-nothing, UniParty model), and restoring DEI (a part of the Democrat agenda) to the county bureaucracy.


In light of intense Democrat efforts to manipulate the Republican primary election, the Ottawa County Republican Party’s Precinct Delegates chose to endorse courageous Republicans in the primary who will actively uphold the Party platform. View these endorsements by scanning the voter guide code at the bottom of the page or at

With nearly 200 delegates participating, the delegates are hopeful the endorsements will assist voters in navigating the rampant election chaos and misinformation being produced by the Democrat Party and its allies. This includes the media, which continually smears conservative leaders.


In June, we spoke at The People’s Convention in Detroit, a high energy event for a new generation of conservative leaders from all 50 states. The event was hosted by Turning Point and Charlie Kirk. Over 8000 people who love God and want to save America converged in Detroit. The event featured important voices, including Ben Carson, Governor Kristi Noem, Candace Owens, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tulsi Gabbard, President Trump, and many more. We shared the amazing work of parents here in Ottawa County to defend their piece of America.

We were encouraged that we are inspiring others to courageously stand for the future of their children and America, while working in sync with prominent leaders across our nation. Our session was standing room only, and they had to turn people away at the door!


As state and national leaders fail to preserve and protect the rights of the people, local government has never been more important.

While Michigan is controlled by Governor Whitmer and the Democrat Party, Ottawa County has a unique opportunity to protect and cultivate a vibrant community Where Freedom Rings, businesses grow, and families thrive.

We welcome you to read the Pro-America priorities outlined in the Policy Agenda of the Contract with Ottawa at

Local government makes decisions based on the worldview of its elected leaders. In 2024, the people of Ottawa County have a choice, they can either elect constitutional, conservative Republican parents endorsed by the Republican Party, or elect candidates and politicians supported by the Democrat Party.

Your vote on August 6 is critical. Please stand with us to protect freedom and family by voting in the upcoming 2024 election. Together, let’s defend our piece of America!