Ottawa County loves freedom, as reflected in this election cycle!

Given the sweeping changes this election has brought to our county, the newly elected commissioners released the following statement to provide information to the community:

We are thankful for the trust of the citizens of Ottawa County in electing us to represent and serve The People. We look forward to restoring our county to constitutional governance, and protecting American values, individual freedoms, and parental rights.

We encourage the citizens of Ottawa County to remain engaged on the local level to preserve all we hold dear. We are honored to serve and lead this amazing county, and intend to do so with excellence.

As we prepare for a new year and a new County Board of Commissioners, we wish to communicate our intention to elect Joe Moss as Chair of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners. Joe has led the people of Ottawa County in defending against government overreach over the past year, and will continue to be a strong leader of and for The People.

We have confidence in Joe’s leadership abilities, and wish to communicate our intention to elect him as Chair of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners in January of 2023.

For The People,

Gretchen Cosby, District 1
Lucy Ebel, District 2
Jacob Bonnema, District 4
Joe Moss, District 5
Kyle Terpstra, District 6
Rebekah Curran, District 7
Sylvia Rhodea, District 8
Roger Belknap, District 9
Allison Miedema, District 11

To read the Contract with Ottawa, please click here: