Today a Twitter account with 1.2 million followers highlighted radical content promoted by the Ottawa County Health Department.

The content was called out in Ottawa Impact’s Pro-Life Protection Assessment 3 weeks ago.

Looking for the deleted PDF? Keep reading.

The tweet included a link to a PDF created by the Ottawa County Health Department which promoted early childhood sexuality and pro-abortion resources.

Ottawa County then deleted the PDF from their website.

Ottawa Impact is releasing a complete copy of the “Family Guide” created by Ottawa County. The PDF can be downloaded below.

The parent guide contains multiple pages of Planned Parenthood branded materials, in addition to the content on infant to teen sexuality highlighted on Twitter.

In the list of book resources near the end of the guide, the Ottawa County Health Department includes the notoriously graphic book on sexuality for children, It’s Perfectly Normal, currently highlighted in Matt Walsh’s latest film, “What is a Woman?”

Additionally, website resources listed in the guide include links to numerous pro-abortion organizations.

For more information about the content being promoted by the Ottawa County Health Department, please read the Pro-Life Protection Assessment. More information on the parent letter can be found on page 23 of the assessment.

Pro-Life Protection Assessment