Today is the one year anniversary of the Resolution to Restore Freedom, which was presented to the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners by over 30 citizens and parents.

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Ottawa Impact is resolved to see individual rights prioritized and freedoms protected in Ottawa County.

To date, over 2,700 people have signed and promoted the Resolution, including Ottawa Impact co-founders Sylvia Rhodea (who drafted the document) and Joe Moss.

The Resolution was publicly signed by Rep. Luke Meerman, Senator Roger Victory, Commissioner Kyle Terpstra, and other local elected leaders from across Ottawa County. If you have ever wondered how Ottawa Impact would recommend a pandemic be handled by local government, read the Resolution.

Constitutional freedoms are not to be suspended in times of crisis.

Ten of the Ottawa County Commissioners refused to sign the Resolution to Restore Freedom and instead allowed unconstitutional orders to continue in Ottawa County.

CommissionerProtected Freedom
Frank Garcia, District 1FAILED: Refused to Sign
Joe Baumann, District 2FAILED: Refused to Sign
Doug Zylstra, District 3FAILED: Refused to Sign
Al Dannenberg, District 4FAILED: Refused to Sign
Randy Meppelink, District 5FAILED: Refused to Sign
Kyle Terpstra, District 6Signed Resolution ✓
Jim Holtvluwer, District 7FAILED: Refused to Sign
Greg DeJong, District 8FAILED: Refused to Sign
Phil Kuyers, District 9FAILED: Refused to Sign
Roger Bergman, District 10FAILED: Refused to Sign
Matt Fenske, District 11FAILED: Refused to Sign

One thousand parents showed up to the Ottawa County Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, to voice their disagreement with the one-size-fits-all approach to county mandates which violated religious freedoms and parental rights.

The Ottawa County Commissioners ignored the voices of the people and allowed mask and quarantine orders to be enforced from late August 2021 to January 2022.

Read the Ottawa County Commissioners’ Record of Milquetoastery article.

Read the Resolution text.

Read what Judge Jon Hulsing said about a local health officer abusing their authority.