Do you wonder what Ottawa Impact stands for?

One of our favorite projects over the past year was crafting Ottawa Impact’s Position Statement.

We are passionate about embracing who we are and what we believe as Americans. We believe the majority of Americans have vastly more in common with each other than we disagree on. We want our children to thrive, and our country to prosper.

America is an exceptional nation blessed by God, built on hard work, faith, and families, with our rights protected by the Constitution.

So what is a Republican? Sometimes the meaning gets jumbled up with leaders who aren’t vetted to the Republican platform, or don’t protect the values and freedoms of the people.

But more importantly, what does it mean to protect America and her people? To take important stands on important issues— not just with lip service, but with bold, courageous action?

That’s what we need more of. And that’s what Ottawa Impact set out to define in crafting our Position Statement, which was used as the standard to find new leaders committed to defending our freedom and American values.

We hope you take a minute to read the Position Statement, and that it resonates with you as an American.