The sexualization of children in schools and the over step of parental rights has intensified. Following is an excerpt from our position statement on this issue.


“It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. The public schools of this state serve the needs of the pupils by cooperating with the pupil’s parents and legal guardians to develop the pupil’s intellectual capabilities and vocational skills in a safe and positive manner.”

“Natural” rights are those rights given to us by our Creator, rights that cannot be taken away by man, government or a school system. As parents, we take our role in our children’s education seriously, and recognize public schools are not given a role above that of a child’s parents.

Michigan’s School Code regarding sex education states the board of a school district “may” (380. 1507 (1)) provide sex education, but this is not a mandate. Michigan schools do not have to provide sex education, and when parents do allow the schools to educate their children on such an important subject, it must be done with utmost integrity and transparency in accordance with the law.

Teaching children issues of sexuality is the responsibility and privilege of parents, a responsibility and right which does not belong to Michigan schools. Teaching sexuality issues without parental knowledge and/or consent violates Michigan law.

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Submit a Parental Non-Consent Form to Your Child’s School

Liberty Counsel has provided a form for parents to use to opt their child out of harmful CSE content, called a Parental Non-Consent Form. The form and instructions for use can be found here:

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Check out the Alliance 1.14 website, which is dedicated to protecting children, parental rights, & religious and conscious freedom. Alliance 1.14 informs on issues where parental rights are threatened, empowering parents to make educated decisions for their children.