We celebrate America as an exceptional nation blessed by God, and welcome you to join us in preserving and protecting the freedoms and values which make Ottawa County special, so our children and grandchildren can enjoy them into the future.

In our commitment to preserve and protect America and her people, we have crafted a Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, CRT, & Racial Equity. This document provides a way to understand these significant issues for our time and our county.

“We believe in the goodness of America and the goodness of our people. America is the land of systemic opportunity, built on the Constitution, Christianity, and Capitalism—the opportunity that jobs provide for social uplift. We need to return America to the roots which made our nation exceptional, rather than apologize for them.”

“Diversity and inclusion, as traditionally defined, are beautiful words and bring value and richness to our relationships, homes, and communities. However, these words have been co-opted by the progressive left with divisive teachings which are being ushered into our county through the DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) office.”

Please read Ottawa Impact’s full statement on this important issue.

Please contact your Ottawa County Commissioner and the Ottawa GOP and let them know you do not want your tax dollars being allocated by Republican County Commissioners towards funding a progressive DEI Department spreading DEI/CRT teachings and membership with radical GARE, of which Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis, as well as Governor Whitmer’s administrative agencies, are fellow members.

Ottawa GOP: 616-396-3791 or info@ottawagop.org

County Commissioners: Click Here to Contact

It’s time for Ottawa County to lead Michigan again with American values and Constitutional courage!

For more information on the DEI Department and progressive GARE in Ottawa County, click here to watch a video of a speech Sylvia Rhodea gave at the Ottawa County Patriots on this topic on April 19, 2022.