Press Release

July 5, 2023

The intolerant Democrats and fake news media are trying to return Ottawa County, a rare beacon of freedom and family, back under the control of Lansing— and they are willing to erase the voice of the people and recall the FIRST EVER Latina county commissioner to do it.

While the left celebrates the radical agenda of their newfound legislative power at the state capitol, they seek to destroy conservatives who fulfill campaign promises here in Ottawa County.

Since January of 2023, a new board of commissioners, which for the first time includes five women, has begun to course correct Ottawa County back to its roots of faith, family, and freedom. Commissioner Lucy Ebel has worked diligently to represent the values of the families in District 2 (Holland Charter Township and Park Township).

On Monday, July 3, 2023, Democratic Party actors filed a recall against Commissioner Lucy Ebel in an attempt to shift the Board of Commissioners back to a voting bloc of Democrats and weak Republicans. In doing so, the Democratic Party seeks to remove Ottawa County’s first Latina county commissioner. Democratic Party operatives try to hide behind terms like “nonpartisan,” but all roads actually lead to the hypocritical Democratic Party of Ottawa County.

Lucy Ebel won her seat through hard work and personal conversations during the primary and general elections of 2022. She has inspired and led our County with faith and courage. Lucy has passionately advocated for the simple, core American values of individual freedoms, childhood innocence, and the right of all Americans to be valued for their merit instead of their race.

Ottawa Impact is honored and thankful for all Commissioner Ebel brings to Ottawa County, and stands with her and the people of District 2 as she defends against this unfounded recall effort.

The progressive left will stop at nothing to control the lives of everyday Americans, even if it means recalling the first ever Latina county commissioner of Ottawa County. We cannot afford a power shift back to tyrannical, virtue-signaling Democrats and the do-nothing Republicans who empower them. Ottawa County must hold the line.

Commissioner Ebel represents the hardworking families and values of her district. She will continue to protect the people of Holland Charter Township and Ottawa County, so the people are free to live out their values of faith and family.

Please stand with us as we defend Commissioner Ebel and our piece of America.