Trust is critical to meaningful relationships, whether that be in a marriage, business, or trust in the people we choose to defend our freedoms.

For too long, our elected officials have violated the trust of The People, giving lip service to a beautiful party platform while doing little to protect the American values, freedom, and parental rights contained within it.

Recognizing the need to cultivate uncompromising leadership, establish trust, and protect the people from tyranny, Ottawa Impact was created in early 2021.

Now is the time for individuals with spines of steel to defend the people, our communities, and our state.

This weekend, delegates of the Michigan Republican Party met to choose a new chairperson to lead the party through the 2024 election cycle. Joe Moss, President of Ottawa Impact, was humbled to speak to the state delegates, nominating Kristina Karamo for Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

Kristina Karamo has proven herself to be a brave, honest, and trusted voice for the future of our children and our nation.

In the final round of voting, paired against Trump-endorsed Matt DePerno, Kristina Karamo was elected by 57% of the precinct delegates. President Trump has enthusiastically congratulated Kristina on her win.


We are excited for the future of the Republican Party under Kristina’s leadership.

We treasure your trust and take endorsements seriously. In future weeks, OI will provide updates on 2022 election cycle endorsements and an outlook for the future.

Defending our piece of America,

– Ottawa Impact