The CDC study that Ottawa County Health Officer Lisa Stefanovsky cited as legal justification for the controversial mask mandate has been investigated and determined to be “completely bunk.”

An article in The Atlantic says the study’s methodology and data set appear to have “significant flaws.”

This 5-minute video from Breaking Points contains a critical summary of the study’s flaws.

Please note, video has one curse word.

Most notably, the CDC study claims to have looked at “school-associated” Covid outbreaks from July 15, 2021 to August 31, 2021.

The problem is, only a small proportion of schools in the study were actually open at ANY POINT during July 2021.

Mask-free schools were open for 6 weeks instead of 3 weeks, giving students there twice as much time to develop an “outbreak”.

– David Zweig

As Mr. Enjeti suggests in the video, the CDC relied on this study because of their “commitment to pandemic theatre, and not to actual science.” Is the same true of Ottawa County?

“Masks in schools are the most glaring example of an anti-science, covid restriction regime that is destroying the lives of young people across this country.”

– Saagar Enjeti

Parents have been communicating for months with the Health Department and the 11 Ottawa County Commissioners about harm to their children and asking for relief.

“It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children.” Michigan School Code 380.10

An unelected, unaccountable administrator should not make mandates overriding parental rights and controlling the daily lives of 300,000 people in Ottawa County.

“Can a local health officer abuse his or her authority? Absolutely! What can be done? County board hired her, county board can fire her.”

– Judge Jon Hulsing (December 6, 2021)

Click the orange button to find and email your County Commissioner. Ask them to respect your rights, uphold the Constitution, and fire Lisa Stefanovsky for her egregious overreach and departure from American values.

Commissioners who have failed to take action on behalf of Ottawa’s children and parental rights:

  • Francisco Garcia, District 1
  • Joseph Baumann, District 2
  • Doug Zylstra, District 3
  • Allen Dannenberg, District 4
  • Randall Meppelink, District 5
  • James Holtvluwer, District 7
  • Gregory DeJong, District 8
  • Philip Kuyers, District 9
  • Roger Bergman, District 10
  • Matthew Fenske, District 11