Two years ago today, the people of Ottawa County courageously spoke on behalf of freedom for their children over the medical tyranny of the Ottawa County Department of Public Health.

MDHHS, the Health Department, and the Board of Commissioners had overstepped parental rights and grievously harmed the physical, emotional, and educational well-being of our county’s children with masking, quarantines, and government overreach.

1000 Parent Meeting

Andrew Geurrink spoke on the weaponization of the Health Department (6:02:58), closing with:

“I hope we get some brave hearts up here, because there has been lot of blood that has been shed for our freedoms.”

We are honored to serve the people with fellow Brave Hearts who do the hard things typical politicians refuse to do.

Although the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners still has some weak-kneed “Republicans” who tear down those with the courage to act, our resolve to protect the people does not waiver. Ottawa Impact will continue to protect faith, family, and FREEDOM.

We remember August 24, 2021.

We remember the children, the parents, the teachers, and the schools. We will never forget. And we will continue to protect the people of Ottawa County from a rogue Health Department which demonstrated their determination to place bureaucratic, tyrannical power above the health and well-being of our children and our people.

In a recent county meeting about the Health Department budget, Marcia Mansaray stated Covid-19 grants will likely be labeled as “emerging threat” grants in the future.

Whether labeled Covid-19, Covid 2.0, global warming, or whatever other threat WHO, NACCHO, MALPH, MDHHS, Whitmer, and Soros want to use to manipulate our people with, trade-offs must always be considered.

Freedom is not for sale.