The people of Ottawa County overwhelmingly spoke with their vote to replace 8 of 11 county commissioners and restore the constitutional rights of the people as a first priority of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners.

The People took decisive action to defend their piece of America— to protect individual freedoms, parental rights, and freedom of religion and conscience, as outlined in the Contract with Ottawa.

Without delay, a majority of the newly-seated Board of Commissioners fulfilled campaign promises to align the leadership of Ottawa County with the priorities of the people.

Ottawa County is a beautiful county with wonderful people and a bright future, which offers a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. This lifestyle fosters meaningful work, provides opportunity for business growth, honors the faith of its people, respects the family and parental rights, and protects education excellence for children.

As said by several new county commissioners: “Where Freedom Rings” ALL people belong.

President Reagan’s “City on a Hill” is possible in Ottawa County. Join us as we work together to build it!