As our nation continues to be embroiled in controversy concerning race and social justice, many churches have followed suit, applying Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to these issues. This conference seeks to expose CRT/I teaching for what it really is: a false religion. Join us as we highlight the truthfulness of the gospel, protect Christ’s people from the error, and equip the church to engage our communities with true biblical justice.

Date: October 22 – 23, 2021

Location: Zeeland, Michigan


October 22

Jonathan Cruse

Critical Theory & Christianity: Are They Compatible?
Neil Shenvi

A Biblical Theology of Social Justice
Eric Watkins

October 23

Critical Race Theory: A Deep Dive
Neil Shenvi

The Bible, Race & Unity
Mark Robinson

Critical Race Theory & the Battles We Face
Bernadette Smith

Q&A Session

The New Canon: Assessing Books Like White Fragility and White Awake
Neil Shenvi

From Communism to True Compassion
Ismael Hernandez

Loving the Marginalized: So What Do We Do?
Mart Novak