The Ottawa County Department of Public Health was sued yesterday for exceeding their authority in issuing the mask mandate of August 20, 2021.

The Ottawa County Board of Commissioners is also named in the suit.

Ottawa Impact has been raising money to help the people of Ottawa County defend themselves and restore freedom! The Ottawa Impact Legal Fund is designed for lawsuits just like this one.

We support citizens taking action to defend freedom.

“Our lawsuit isn’t about masks. It’s about holding local government accountable to the rule of law. We aren’t arguing that masks are bad. Rather, we’re arguing that the mask mandate was an unlawful exercise of governmental authority because the proper procedures weren’t followed. We’re also arguing that the people’s elected representatives have a duty to oversee the Health Department.”

– Adam Tountas, Attorney

Senator Roger Victory voiced support for the lawsuit.

“The Health Department is singling out Ottawa County’s children with these mandates. No other gathering place, business, or public entity is being targeted the way our schools currently are. We cannot sit by and let the most vulnerable and impressionable segment of our population be subjected to continued authoritarian overreach. These decisions must be left to informed individuals to decide what is best for themselves and their families.”

– Sen. Roger Victory

Representative Luke Meerman also voiced support with a statement.

“The idea that one health director, without the people’s voice via their elected commissioners, can determine what is the county’s health response is antithetical to our democracy. The people’s voice is not being heard as the process has been allowed to play out thus far. We intend to bring the people’s voice back to the table.”

– Rep. Luke Meerman

Joe Moss, President of Ottawa Impact, also commented on the lawsuit.

“The people of Ottawa County have made it crystal clear that government overreach will not be tolerated. The Ottawa County Commissioners and Department of Public Health have abandoned the principles of freedom, and substituted them with control, mandates, and threats. When local government ceases to defend the rights of the people, the people must act to reform their government. Ottawa County needs new leaders – especially on the Board of Commissioners – who prioritize the people’s unalienable rights above all else.”

– Joe Moss, Ottawa Impact

Read more about this lawsuit to hold local government accountable to the rule of law—to include use of proper procedures in exercising governmental authority, and the duty of the people’s elected representatives—the Ottawa County Commissioners, to oversee the Health Department.