Here’s a quick update, with more to come in the next 24-48 hours. Please read all the way to #4, which is concerning and revealing.

As we reported yesterday, the Ottawa Republican Party passed a Resolution to recognize that the current Covid situation does NOT represent “imminent danger” to the health or lives of elementary students.

That same night, Ottawa Impact asked each commissioner individually:

“Will you do everything in your power, by whatever means appropriate and lawful, to overrule the August 20, 2021 mask mandate?”

​Joe Moss, the President of Ottawa Impact, called and spoke to several commissioners yesterday to make sure they know Ottawa Impact has specific solutions and ideas to review with them, so they can take immediate action.

Some of the commissioners seem willing to listen. (We are not sure if they are willing to ACT.) We will continue to pursue this strategy during the next 36 hours. Commissioners who refuse to do “everything in their power” will be held accountable, no matter how amenable they seem to be today.

The county attorney, Doug Van Essen, who holds a position of influence and power with the commissioners, confirmed via email two days ago that:

The Ottawa County health department holds absolute power to mandate Covid shots for every student in Ottawa County schools (public and private) ages 12 and up as a condition of ATTENDING SCHOOL in the county.
– August 26, 2021 @ 9:56 AM

You can see the emails here.

Mr. Van Essen is the attorney who gives legal advice to the county commissioners on a daily basis.