A message from Rev. Ray Paget

Dear Church Leader,

Are you aware that schools are on fire all across Michigan and the nation? Parents are concerned about indoctrination, critical theory, and overt sexualization in the classroom. Now, Social Justice books train teachers to teach elementary-aged children that their Christian faith is part of the oppressor group.

In recent weeks, it is not uncommon to have hundreds of parents show up to any district’s monthly school board meeting.

They’re angry. They’re sad. Often, they’re in tears.

We’re seeing that many of these concerned parents are believers, often quoting scripture and offering up prayer as their public comment. These same parents are part of congregations all around West Michigan. Congregations at our churches.

For those in Christian ministry (spouses, Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, soul care, etc.) we need your help. Our families are hurting, and confused, and struggling with how to apply their faith to these circumstances. One way that you can help is by promoting an event featuring Speaker Alex Newman.

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. He is a contributing journalist for the Epoch Times and is well studied on the history of education in America. He is happily married and a father of five home schooled children and his message is urgent.

“If we want to restore America and protect religious freedom, we need to take back education because the public school system is destroying our children-mentally, physically, spiritually academically, and morally.”

– Alex Newman

There is also another way you can help.

Ottawa Impact is sponsoring an exclusive opportunity for those in Church Ministry. It is a Ministry Leadership Lunch with Alex Newman on Thursday, September 16 in Holland. This is an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on this subject directly from Alex. It’s an event you won’t want to miss. Boxed lunch and coffee will be provided.

Please RSVP by 12:00 pm on September 14, 2021 for the Ministry/Pastor’s Lunch.

You can RSVP here: https://ottawaimpact.com/event/pastors-lunch

More info and signups for each event can be found here: https://ottawaimpact.com/events

Rev. Ray Paget
Faith Leader Coordinator
(616) 600-8777

Public Event Time 1

Wednesday, September 15

New Life Fellowship
12960 James Street
Holland, MI 49424

6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Public Event Time 2

Thursday, September 16

GR Church
4525 Stauffer Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Ministry Only Event

Thursday, September 16

New Life Fellowship
12960 James Street
Holland, MI 49424

12:00 pm -1:30 pm

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